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About Us

Healthcare has become complex in nature owing to the huge information available through different sources. A common man is confused and is unable to make an informed decision. Many people are dependent on the available, but inconclusive information, and are not pretty sure about the information which is readily accessible to them in order to reach to a conclusion – whether they are on the right track or wrong. Furthermore, many of us are not aware of or have the knowledge about healthcare sector – as far as different specialties, sub-specialties, sophisticated equipment, current technological trends, innovations, advancements, treatment improvements and futuristic technologies are concerned.

In such a scenario, our worries don’t stop as there are lots of differences in treatment costs amongst different hospitals and healthcare centres. Variations in billings, pertaining to estimated costs and the actual cost of the treatment, have become the biggest cause for concern. The difficulties and pains most of us undergo are quite difficult to describe in words and can’t be ascertained as such– they can only be felt.

We have already witnessed such difficulties and pains in several cases that we guided and supported.

There are many difficulties in front of the family members as there are no clear-cut answers to these questions: Where to go? What to choose or which is the best hospital for our health condition? Who will be the right doctor or surgeon? How to go there? Who will help & assist us? Are we taking the right step? Are we approaching the right hospital and the right doctor? Where should we stay? What about food? Will our condition be cured or not? How much will it cost? Do we need to have a second opinion on the treatment advised? And many more such perplexing questions. In such a confusing scenario, decision making pertaining to the selection of a proper hospital and doctor becomes very difficult as many people are not aware of the available treatment options, expert doctors and the hospitals with apt facilities and expertise. And therefore, they go helter-skelter due to lack of knowledge, support and direction. At this critical juncture, when people don’t have any options whatsoever left to them to get the best possible care for all sorts of their health concerns, HealthSmith holds their hands, answers all their perplexing questions, guides and directs them at each and every step of their treatment and does not leave them alone until they get completely cured of their illnesses. HealthSmith, by being their companion in the journey of healing, ensures best treatment from the best healthcare experts in the world.

HealthSmith brings in genuine healthcare expertise including best hospitals, best doctors and allied healthcare providers on a single platform for the patients to have comfort, clarity and highly standardized healthcare with justifiable and affordable cost for their treatments and healthcare needs. HealthSmith is associated with hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers who have the feeling for the suffering of mankind in illness-related disasters, as any illness in a family is a disaster.

HealthSmith is taking expert physicians, surgeons, doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers to every individual, community, society and, in fact, to the whole mankind nationally and internationally through HealthSmith WebEnter, which is a highly dynamic web-based platform for hospitals, doctors, healthcare providers and ancillary service providers. In addition, HealthSmith Coordinators, HealthSmith News Bulletin, HealthSmith Centers, HealthSmith Team at national and international locations ensure accessibility of quality healthcare to all.

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