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HealthSmith Terms of Service

Those who access HealthSmith website are bound by these terms and conditions and agree to its terms of service. Whenever you access HealthSmith Website you understand, agree and acknowledge that your use of this website and access to it is governed by the provisions of these terms and conditions and that you completely agree and accept all these terms and conditions and fully abide with them.
You acknowledge and agree that HealthSmith website, its content and services offered will be used by you at your own risk. HealthSmith, its partners, stakeholders, affiliates, members, executives and employees disclaim all conditions, terms, and warranties either implied or expressed pertaining to services, information, products and materials on this site. HealthSmith further disclaims if quality of the products, services and information do not meet your requirements. HealthSmith does not guarantee that the site is secure, uninterrupted, timely and free from all errors.

Any material downloaded from the site is at your own risk as the site does not warrant that its servers, browsers or mails are free from harmful components and viruses. Thus, any damage caused, data lost or unwanted outcomes that results in your system out of usage of this site are deemed to be at your own risk.
The information, content, services or products given on the site do not act like add on or replacement to the competencies and skills of a professional who provides specialized service or personalized care or advice. There might be a possibility of you being subjected to some contents that may be objectionable – which may be from a third party site; and therefore, HealthSmith does not guarantee the accuracy, quality and integrity of its website content as third party sites are not governed by the HealthSmith’s terms of services.
The information, which is subject to change without any prior notice, is only for education purpose and to know the types of treatment options in India. Furthermore, the information helps you to know about doctors, their specialization, expertise, skills and about the hospitals and their specialties including medical procedures. Therefore, HealthSmith does not guarantee that it is complete, precise and accurate.

The information you get and the knowledge you acquire after browsing HealthSmith website must not be construed as medical advice, doctor’s recommendation or authentic medical information from a hospital or a recommendation from a hospital. Anyone who is browsing this site must remember that their specific health condition can only be detected, diagnosed and treated by a qualified doctor in a hospital setting. As far as the method of treatment is concerned the discussions with a qualified doctor would determine the best treatment option for the patient.
The information on this site is not a substitute for care and treatment by a qualified doctor who with their skills and expertise and after due examination of the symptoms or signs provides treatment. Even if you find something posted on the website by us, by a doctor or by anyone in response to a query by someone else, it should only be for information or education purpose only. Therefore, you are advised not to delay in seeking medical advice or treatment for your health issues after reading something on this site. You should always consider seeking professional help whenever the need arises or for any concerns you may have owing to your health condition.
Though we make all efforts to ensure that the contents, information, usefulness and accuracy of the site are complete and error free, we cannot claim that the website is hundred percent accurate, appropriate and error free.

Provision of Services

The information, data and the services that are offered from HealthSmith are available to you on HealthSmith Web site and HealthSmith website is subjected to change, improve, modify or discontinue its services at the sole discretion of the stake holders without any prior intimation of notice to you in this regard that may devoid you from accessing this website and its information. HealthSmith deserves the right to offer you the services through the subsidiaries or affiliated entities of this group.

Website Content Its Use and Ownership Rights

The website contents, information, images, services, products and plans are dynamic and they are subjected to changes and alterations. The portrayed images may or may not exactly match with the real products due to various tangible and intangible reasons. However, HealthSmith makes every possible effort to ensure appropriate and relevant information and details to all its customers and members through this website. Despite all our efforts due to typographical errors, misprints the information may contain errors, and may therefore be insufficient, inaccurate or not up to date.
The complete information, contents is the exclusive property of this website and the company owns complete rights for this information and contents. The content and the website are updated regularly by the HealthSmith group. Moreover, the web information architecture, the design, layout of the website including the graphics, the format, the images, text, videos, audio clips, icons, information and all the contents of this website whether displayed or hidden are protected by the copyrights and other intellectual property rights under the Indian Law. Therefore, no one is authorized to transmit, publish, alter the website and its content and use the trademarks or service marks or any other source with any other products or services in any way. In addition to
this, no one is permitted to copy, alter, and display names or logos of HealthSmith’ website without the expressed written permission from the company.
You agree to use HealthSmith’s website content, material as permissible under these terms and conditions and within the applicable limits governed by the law. Any unauthorized use of the material of this website for illegal purposes or unlawful transmission of the website content to defame, harass, abuse, harm or to invade others’ privacy, or to violate others’ rights and intellectual property may violate the law and would be subjected to law enforcement.

Registration and Appointment Booking Terms

HealthSmith reserves, at its sole discretion, the rights pertaining to the changes or modifications of the content, health plans medical information, hospitals’ information, doctors’ information, etc.
HealthSmith frequently promotes its new launches, special offers or any other health packages or information through promotional emails, newsletters, subscriptions and websites. Therefore, to avoid communication problems, the Company requests the visitors of the website to provide complete details like contact information, email address and postal address. In case if the company provides you the option of booking your appointment online, you can book your appointment after fulfilling the complete terms and conditions laid down by HealthSmith. You can get further information pertaining to your appointment, concerned doctor and hospitals and other details from our corporate office once you register from our online registration option.

Disclaimer of Warranties

HealthSmith offers this website to serve the requirements of its customers and the use of this website by its users confirms that the users use this website at their own risk. Moreover, HealthSmith doesn’t offer any specific warranties on its products, services, endorsements whether expressed or implied. In addition to this, this website, its information, contents, materials and images represents no implied warranties pertaining to the merchantability and fitness of a particular service and product. This shall include, but not limited to the warranties of service, products, fitness and the warranties relevant to the use of the service of the company.
As the company disclaims all the warranties and representations of any kind, which is expressed or implied, including but not limited to the course of performance of this website, products & services related to healthcare performance and purpose under the strict permissible limit of the applicable law, HealthSmith will not be held responsible for the consequences resulting out of such actions. Furthermore, the company will not be held responsible for the consequences resulting from the information and content of this website, the accuracy, completeness, errors, omissions, and inability of usage, dependence on any aspect of the website, services, products usage and other aspect available on the website. In addition to this, HealthSmith shall not take the responsibility of secure, uninterrupted, error and virus free components of the website.

Limitation of Liability

HealthSmith makes every possible effort to ensure that everything it offers serves your purpose and it is free from faults. However, there may be some unusual circumstances that may be inconsequential or consequential which are out of the control of the company, for which HealthSmith is not liable. The company disclaims any such liabilities and shall not be liable to you or to any other party and shall not assume any responsibility for both tangible and intangible losses including but not restricted to loss of information, correspondence, goodwill, revenues, incidental, consequential, and inconsequential loss. Therefore you agree and understand that in any circumstances the HealthSmith Group and the representatives of this group including promoters, owners, stake holders, managers, directors, chairman, and the employees shall not be liable to you or any other third party and shall assume no responsibility and in no event be liable for any damages of any kind.

Force Majeure

The events and the circumstances like natural calamities, wars, earthquakes, floods, notifications, orders, rulings, amendments from the public or Government side or from any other Competent Authority or for any other reason whatsoever, which is beyond the reach and control of the company, HealthSmith shall not be held responsible for such situations and it shall have the right for any such delays, time extensions and matters and similar events.

Termination of Special Offers

If any privilege offered to you from the HealthSmith website to benefit from the special offers and discounts from the company, then HealthSmith at its sole discretion has an exclusive right to amend, change or alter such privilege or offer or may at times cancel, terminate or suspend such offers and your access to such privileges if it deems so even without informing you.


HealthSmith requests its customers to furnish correct and authentic mailing address at the time of registration and booking appointments as the details given by the customers are incorporated in the database assuming them to be perfect. In addition to this, customers are also requested to inform and change the address if they have shifted to new locations because all notices, demands and documents will be posted to the mailing address provided by the customers at the time of registration. Therefore, all notices, correspondence, documents and papers dispatched to the respective addresses are deemed to be received by the patients according to the mentioned addresses and HealthSmith shall not be liable for any such defaults and wrong address communication and its consequences thereafter.


HealthSmith requests all its well wishers and customers to get well acquainted with the complete details of the healthcare services and solutions from our knowledgeable customer care executives and marketing staff as it is not possible to furnish the entire gamut of details on the website due to space and other constraints. Therefore, HealthSmith requests you to visit the company’s branch office, regional office, or head office to know further details pertaining to booking appointments, fixing consultation, payment options, special discounts, privileges or any other such offerings from the company. In addition to this, HealthSmith considers customers and their concerns very effectively and therefore requests its customers to address their problems, troubles and grievances to the management.

Governing Law

Any dispute, differences that may come up for any matter pertaining to the dealing between the parties with regard to any problems, concerns or issues if not possible to be resolved amicably, shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Hyderabad, Telangana.

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