Hospital & Healthcare Skill Programs

Hospital & Healthcare Skill Programs

Infrastructure and technology are not efficient unless and until each team member of the organization has to perform the tasks efficiently. The organizations keen on new learning have grown and sustained themselves. Mentoring the human capital from time to time and evaluating the learning is a part of organizational growth. Every role has a specific set of learning requirements. We provide training and coaching for all functional areas with a systematic approach with need analysis and outcomes. We have organizational training, coaching & mentoring programs as follows...

Organizational Coaching:

  • Organization Vision Re-enforcement
  • Work Skills Enhancement
  • Departmental Functional Training
  • Managerial Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Business Soft Skills development
  • Aptitude development programs
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Work Personality Development

Hospitals Work Force Development Programs:

  • Patient Coordinator
  • Patient Relation
  • Domestic Marketing & Sales
  • International Patient Communication
  • International Patient Relations
  • Medical Tourism & International Marketing
  • Hospital Front Office Management
  • Patient Communication
  • Hospital Tele & Web Communication
  • Hospital Supply Chain Management
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Hospital Procurement
  • Nursing Communication Skills
  • Nursing IT Skills
  • Nursing Leadership
  • Emergency operations
  • Hospital & Healthcare Managerial Development
  • Hospital Leadership
  • Winning Team Building
  • Financial Counselors
  • Facility Staff Training
  • OPD Assistant
  • Patient Counselling
  • Healthcare Professional's Soft Skills
  • Remote Hospital Marketing Techniques
  • Lab Management
  • Referral Sales Development
  • Diagnostic Business Development

Pharmaceutical Coaching :

  • Pharmaceutical Institutional Sales & Key Account Management
  • Effective Pharmaceutical Representative
  • Multiple Brand Portfolio Sales Performance
  • Pharmaceutical Customer Relation
  • Territory Relation Effectiveness for Brand Association
  • Pharmaceutical Business Communication
  • Pharmaceutical Soft Skills Development
  • Product Management & Sales Team Synchronization
  • Creative Sales Thinking
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management API & RM
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management General
  • Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical Strategic Marketing
  • Sales Professional Personality Development