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Patients’ Services

1. Patients’ Counselling

HealthSmith uses different media for counseling people who have health and healthcare related queries and provides preventive and managed healthcare solutions to them. We have doctors and health experts as HealthSmith experts at our centers to provide one-to-one counseling to patients. Our Digital Desk provides answers to the queries of the patients. Second opinion from our doctors is the most important part of counseling in treatment.

2. Treatment Guidance & Assistance

We are dedicated to provide the best healing process for patients. We are determined by our patients for providing the best hospitals, best doctors and surgeons for their treatment.

3. Options on Treatments, Hospitals & Doctors

We provide several options to patients according to their needs and choices and help them in making good treatment decision and better outcome. We give several options about good clinicians, doctors, surgeons & hospitals of repute.

4. Cost-effective Treatment – Reduction in treatment cost

We reduce the cost of treatment by providing several options based upon the need of treatment, procedure and surgery of highest quality. We negotiate on cost of treatment. The costs are transparent with comparative analysis. We work on cost plus model and margin values and provide additional cost reduction in treatment by healthcare providers. HealthSmith has special terms with Hospitals & HealthCare Providers giving patients HealthSmith privilege cost reduction.

5. Expert’s Second Opinion

Comfort for the patient lies in the right decision of treatment. We mandate to have opinion from different experts on treatment before decision making about the need of the treatment to avoid treatment complication. We always prefer second opinion on treatment for patients for double assurance.

6. Clarity on Treatment

We provide detailed information about the treatment and procedures with transparency and expert’s second opinion regarding the treatment. Also, we provide post-treatment clarity before the patient decides on any particular treatment. The complications, the outcomes and the post-treatment care and plans are also discussed before the treatment.

7. Collaborative Treatment Access

In today’s era best treatment outcomes are being generated through collaborative care and treatment. In a multidisciplinary and collaborative care all the allied specialties, sub-specialties and super-specialties come together for decision making with the lead specialty to ensure better treatment outcomes. Collaborative care always minimizes & prevents complications and delivers better results. We believe in and insist on collaborative care for our patients.

8. Cost-effective Medication & Delivery of Medicines

We send you the medication on your post-operative prescriptions. The high-value and long-term medicines are a huge burden for families gripped with cancer treatment. We get you medicines on cost-plus (actual cost) basis reducing the treatment cost after discharge from the hospital.

9. Online Diagnostic Reports’ Reviews & Consultation

You can send your reports and films from anywhere in the world. We will present those reports to doctors for reviews and reports consultation can be done. You will get specialist’s advice based on your reports at your home from the specialty and super-specialty you needed.

10. Travel

We have entrusted safe transport services that work according to the set standards of Road and Transport and vehicle provisional guidelines. We provide professional and experienced drivers who are trained to drive safely and are capable of taking safety precautions while driving or in case of any untoward incident.

11. Accommodation & Food

The treatment for some conditions and after certain procedures – hospital stay may be required and sometimes long stay may also be necessary. In such cases, we provide arrangements for the accommodation of patients’ relatives with our trusted service providers at discounted tariffs and special accommodation packages – which are far better and lower than the market price. We ensure healthy food to our patients.

12. HealthSmith Coordinator

Our dedicated coordinators are always attentive to help serve patients and their family members from the moment they arrive till their departure. They are committed to help patients in each and every step of the treatment and plan ahead to reduce waiting time of the patient. They ensure transparency at each stage of facilitating the patients to the right doctor and hospital.

13. Lead Help

At any situation and difficulties our senior leads are accessible to you; they are just a phone call away. They are with you to help you take correct steps for speedy process. They are available to patients when they have any difficulty or bad situation.

14. Video Conferencing & video consultation

We have video conferencing facility through which you can directly talk to us as per your convenience. You can discuss your case, provide details about your condition and ask questions and get clarity to the best of your satisfaction. This will help patients to avoid unnecessary travel.

15. Post-treatment Medication Arrangements

We help in getting post-treatment medications from reliable pharmacies that maintain quality standards in accordance with the best pharmaceutical practices with reduced cost. We provide medicines and other homecare products at cost-plus basis which help reduce post-treatment costs. We also provide healthcare accessories including healthcare supports, devices, healthcare appliances, home healthcare products & accessories.

16. HealthSmith WhatsApp Access

We provide dedicated WhatsApp for interactions and communications, which will help our patients to communicate instantly and get the assistance and support as and when needed.

17. Central Processing Office

All the queries are sent to central offices from the branch offices and centres. The Central Office processes the requirements and holds hands till the process closes. Patients get the recent updates about their request status and processing of their case on a regular basis from the central call centre. The Central Processing Office is under the leadership of senior management round the clock.

18. Health Programs

Patients and other persons who are associated with HealthSmith are updated on a regular basis about different programs, camps and offers conducted by hospitals and doctors including free surgeries, surgeries offered at discounts, special health camps, and many more such offers – to pass on benefits to our patrons.

19. Diagnostic Services

HealthSmith has engaged the best diagnostics service providers that maintain high quality standards with sophisticated equipment. Samples are collected or dropped at HealthSmith collection centers and the reports are delivered to your mail inbox. You can also send the images of MRI, CT, PET CT or imaging videos of your radiological diagnostic tests for second opinion. HealthSmith is associated with experts having decades of experience. They include experienced, trained and expert radiologists, hematologists, biochemists, microbiologists, nuclear medicine experts and sonologists.

20. HealthSmith Health Card: (HSHC)

HSHC is HealthSmith Patient’s or customer identity card with many privileges. The card provides special privileges to patients including special discounts, costs reduction, redemptions and helps the service providers to identify and provide benefits to the patients. The card offers special privilege to the patient at hospitals, doctors, and support service facilities. The HealthSmith Card can be generated online through our WebEnter. It can also be generated by any individual.

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