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Preparative Information

Communication Details:Communication details must be provided as they are quite vital. Patients should provide cell number of their caretakers including Skype ID for Video conferencing; and Whatsapp number for instant communication. The details of the primary caretaker are very important because all the details pertaining to the modality of treatment until recovery must have to be communicated to them for speedy progress of the entire process.

Address & ID proof: Prior to starting from the place wherever you are located, it is necessary to send ID proof and address proof – both of yours and your associate or care taker. A driving license’scopy of each of you would be enough. Both the photocopies can be sent through mail or scanned and mailed before starting the process.

Second Opinion:Second opinion is better and it is particularly important if the treatment is being sought abroad. Prior to initiating the journey, second opinion from two or more doctors will help repose faith in your decision and build confidence. After getting second opinion from reputed doctors, you will be rest assured that you are taking the right step. Seeking second opinion is quite easy with us – just fill in the form in the second opinion tab and attach your reports, and then send the details to us; we will provide you with the second opinion from two or more doctors.

Double check on Diagnosis:In certain cases, particularly the critical ones, it is pertinent to repeat the tests to confirm diagnosis. This is especially true for cancer cases. Therefore, it is better to repeat the biopsy and marker tests to reconfirm the diagnosis. However, the test must be carried out in diagnostic centres of repute. This will help in confirming the diagnostic outcomes with complete trust.

Travel Advice from Local Doctor:Prior to starting on your trip, you must take the permission from your family physician or general physician who is seeing you at your place. It is important to ensure that the condition with which you are travelling will not get aggravated by your travel and you won’t have any travel restrictions owing to your health and condition. Your doctor’s consent is very important in this regard to prevent potential complications during travel.

Fit to Fly Certificate:Fit to Fly Certificate is a must. You need to take the same from the point of origin –as this will help in procuring medical visa and safeguardingyour travel. You need to send the same along with all the initial documents.

Medications:Check on the medications to be carried along with you while travellingaccording to the ongoing treatment and confirm with the local or treating doctor that you are carrying themwith you. Carry all the medication and keep them handy at your disposal. Don’t forget to get a water bottle along as well. It is also very important to make a note of the chemical composition of each medicine that you are carrying toease the process of getting alternatives of those medicines in the country you are heading to.

Documents & Records:Prepare a detailed file of records pertaining to the past history and current treatment includingdoctors’ prescriptions, previous treatment records, diagnostic reports, CT & MRI films, and CD’s of radio-diagnostic procedures. In case of biopsy, please carry slides for markers’ test confirmation. All the previous reports, past records and prescriptions help in evaluating the case, conditionand assist in fine-tuning the diagnosis for a better outcome of a consultation and in selecting an appropriate treatment modality or therapy.

Passport Size Photos:You have to carry your passport-size photographs in large numbers as they may be required for processing several documents on different occasions – visa processing, hospital admissions, documentation, and so on. If you carry them in large numbers, you will not faceany problems if need arises.

Financial Arrangements: Before undertaking the journey, make sure that you have the complete estimation of the treatment costs including travel, transportation and accommodation costs. Don’t forget to carry multiple international debit and credit cards. In addition, carry a cheque book with validity across several international locations. You may need toactivate transaction from the bank you are dealing with for the activation of international card usage. Financial planning for an international destination prior to beginning the journey is a must.

Relatives & Attender:The person who is accompanying the patient is very important – and therefore – it is better if a blood relative comes as a caretaker. The companion of the patient should add value to the patient’s cause.If a blood relative accompanies the patient, then he or she can take informed decisions about the course of the treatment and sign concerned documents related to the treatment and can take a call on any other important matter related to treatment.The person who can speak English will be very helpful as there won’t be any language barrier. Even for those patients and their associates who cannot speak English, many hospitals provide translators and interpreters – but it is always better for the patient if they carry less number of people along with them.

Visa Information: There are differences in the medical visa requirements, guidelinesandprotocols of different countries – and therefore – you should approach accordingly. However,we will guide you according to your requirements and the destination thatyou are selectingfor treatment. You will get the necessary information based on yourneeds. Furthermore, you can also check by yourself about the medical visa guidelinesand terms of respectivecountries by visiting their official health page.

Vaccination: As far as vaccination is concerned, every country has its own requirements, protocols and guidelines. An individual heading to a particular country for seeking treatment should follow such guidelines beforehand. Some countries mandate polio and yellow fever vaccinations; however, it is better to check and verify the medical visa guidelines of respective countries prior to applying for a medical visa.

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