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Patient Process

1. HealthSmith Access

You can fill the quick access in our Web-Enter & attach your reports if any. Patients are relatives can come in contact through e-mail, Whats App Access, Skype. It is very important to provide the details as name of the person contact number email address for clear communication as we deal with many patients on daily basis. Can walk in to our Patients Care Centers and directly approach our team for all your queries. You can HealthSmith Coordinators or write to them. We will reach you for discussion.

2. Providing Information

You need to provide information on health issues with diagnostic reports through reports submission tab to us by selecting the specialty for which you need Treatment Guidance. You can also mail us the reports and queries through our dedicated mail . Our Digital desk will respond you for further course of action.

3. Action from HealthSmith

Your reports and queries send to the specialty doctors for their opinion and second opinion on the treatment required. Minimum tow opinions are being taken for better results. If the Primary specialty doctors need or Opinion of other specialty doctors for collaborative treatment the queries and reports are also send to the concern other specialty doctors. The queries & reports are also sent to the specific super specialty so that the outcome is perfect and is done through safe hands. We will get the online consultation from the doctors.

4. Opinion & Advice

HealthSmith will get the online consultation report from the concern doctors. HealthSmith will interact with the concern doctors through our Digital Desk for discussion on the advice and consultation reports. If the doctors needs some more investigations to be done will advised which needs to be done and reports needs to be sent to Doctors. After discussion the advice and consultation report will be sent to the patients and relatives for their understanding and all the queries will be addressed.

5. Patient Interactions

Once the report is received by the patients and relatives a discussion is done with the patients and relatives to answer their queries and questions. If the patient needs to interact with doctors the video calling or wire calling the discussion are arranged between the doctor and the patients. After the patients and relatives are clear on the treatment front then the process of planning will be initiated. If there is need to of procedure of surgery the doctor will give us the schedule. If there is no need to treatment or procedure treatment will be advised. The prescription will be sent to the patients and relatives. The follow up and other details will be provided. After confirmation of procedure or treatment of surgery schedule HealthSmith Privilege Card is generated.

6. HealthSmith Patients Care

HealthSmith Patients Care Officer (PCO) will be assigned to the patients and relative who will be holding hands of the patients from the day of arrival to departure. He / She will be assisting the patients and family. He is companion healing journey of the patients dedicated to help the patients and relatives and be their comfort.

Visa Assistance Letter

Before visit planning you need to send passport copies to get the Visa Assistance Letter from the Doctor or Hospital which needs to be submitted while you are applying for visa. Our PCO will ensure the same before you apply for Medical Visa to Country Embassy Office.

8. Visit Planning

The date of procedure or surgery will be fixed with the selected specialty or super specialty doctor. After Confirmation of the date the travel plan is decided. Based on travel plan the travel requirements, accommodation are finalized. The accommodation will be based on the needs. We have tie ups with 3 star 5 star hotels, budget hotels, service apartments and others. Patients and relatives can have their own choice.

The local travel will be planned from the empanelled transporters. We take safety as major concern in choosing the facility for our patients. We have special arrangements for treatment which requires long stay. Assisting Air Tickets, Visa is the part of the support services. Once the Visa is confirmed date of travel needs to be fixed. The doctor appointments for consultation are being scheduled according to the date of arrival to minimize the time.

9. National SIM Cards

The national SIM cards are available at airport or you can get the SIM at hospitals. You need to have copy of your passport and passport size photo. After activation of SIM you need to communicate to HealthSmith with immediate effect which will ease the process.

10. Consultation & Treatment:

Our Patient Care Officer (PCO) will be with the patients and relatives and will be holding hands on each step. He or She will coordinate with hospitals and doctors for appointments and make the consultation with doctors. PCO will coordinate all the process of diagnostics to be done post diagnostic instructions

11. Pre-Counseling

PCO will be present for the treatment counseling and will coordinate the billing process along with patient’s relatives to ensure the comfort. PCO will ensure all the transparency with the relatives and provide all the comfort. PCO will ensure the schedule of procedure or surgery. PCO will be present at the time of surgery or procedure for help all the time.

12. Post Surgery or Post Procedural Discussions

After the post surgery or procedure discussion will be done along with .There will be detail discussion after the surgery, treatment, procedure by the doctors with patient relatives. Treatment discussion and conditions will be detailed to the relatives.

13. Hospital Stay & Treatment

Our PCO will be assisting the patients and relatives during the stay and helping during the stay and available a phone call away.

14. Discharge & Follow-up appointments

Once the discharge is advised there will be follow up check up that needs to be done. If there is no need of follow up in one week time then complete exit can be planned depend upon the situation.

15.Interim Stay

If the doctor advice follows up check then the local stay will be planned. Based on requirements the accommodation can be planned as Hotels, Service Apartments, etc. It will be done on which kind of accommodation is required. Self cooking arrangements or food delivery can be arranged as per the requirements. After follow up and checkup consultation exit can be planned.

16. Post discharge medication

The arrangement of post discharge medication can be done based on the Prescription to carry home. The prescription filling arrangement will be done through trusted and genuine sources. Even after reaching home HealthSmith will ensure prescription filling.

17. Departure Planning & Exit:

Once the date of departure is confirmed the tickets are going to be planned. Will drop in the airport and Wish you Good Healing

18. Further communication with the Doctor

HealthSmith will ensure the Online / Video Consultation with Doctor for further care of the patients. You will be one call away and one email away. We ensure the connectivity of the treating clinician and you all the time.

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