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"Learning makes you grow" We will make you learn and grow!
HealthSmith want & thrive for right candidate at right time and right place with road map for his or her growth.
When you select HealthSmith as your prospective job destination you will discover what othrs have already discovered – the growth potential, the conducive working environment, the courage, the innovative spirit, the adaptability and flexible nature of work. We offer a creative, innovative, collaborative and motivating environment in which our employees work cohesively as a unit encouraging, motivating, learning and sharing knowledge and expertise.Our ethics and working culture support our people and the work we do. We have a highly talented pool of experts, professionals. By bringing their collective expertise together, we are delivering topnotch healthcare services to our associates – patients and healthcare partners.

Our prominence in the healthcare arena is astute as HealthSmith has been established with a mission to offer affordable and quality healthcare to everyone irrespective of their nature of illness. Owing to which we have been striving to make our services better time and again. Our working approach is flexible as we allow work freedom, exemplary opportunities, room to experiment, innovate and excel, along with a very handsome and competitive compensation inclusive of perks and benefits that motivate our employees to work in a fast paced and exciting working environment.

Working at HealthSmith
The environment and culture in which we work make us feel better and perform well up to our potential. HealthSmith helps its employees develop skills, expertise and capabilities and spread them to others in a cumulative effort to achieve the primary goal of the company.

HealthSmith provides a vibrant working environment that invigorates your passion for work, creativity, innovation and exploration.Once you start developing your skills and capabilities, you will move through the inspiring and intrinsically motivating career path encompassing your aims, ambitions and goals.

We work as a family and our working community is diverse, heterogeneous incorporating all citizens of the world. We support each other and work together without showing any bias to any individual, member or group of the company. We use the resources, opportunities and skills together to ensure success of our partners, clients and ourpatrons.

A career at HealthSmithoffers unmatched growth opportunities
A career at HealthSmith provides lifelong education, knowledge, growth and development by imparting skills and capabilities that infuse confidence to face the healthcare challenges of the 21stcentury. Working at HealthSmith offers opportunities for you to expose yourself to the diverse groups, cultures and healthcare requirements, and thus give you an edge to gather huge expertise and experience, which will help you in extending your reach to explore new learning and experimenting avenues.

Enhancing Leadership & Candidate Development
HealthSmith has internal candidate development programs which are mentored by our top management team with a philosophy of "Creating Leaders". HealthSmith values diversity in workforce and offers huge opportunities for its associates by supportive training, which helps them, face challenges, explore opportunities, solve intriguing problems and meet the expectations of the clients. On-the-job training and regular training in the areas of project management, communication, relationship management, and healthcare management is provided to employees.

Open and non-hierarchal communication
We believe in open communication philosophy and flat hierarchical structure with an open-door policy that help in promoting free flow of information, ideas and expertise. Some innovative insights, ideas, suggestions and feedback from the employees are taken into consideration for relevant prospective and future amendments and action plans.

HealthSmith offers enormous growth potential and equal opportunities
HealthSmith treats all employees, candidates and prospective employees as equal without undue consideration or discrimination. HealthSmith does not consider religion, gender (sex), color, race, in recruitment and training as employees are recruited based on their skills, expertise, experience, qualification and personalities.
All employees irrespective of their capabilities, skills and expertise are motivated and encouraged to take challenging roles and higher responsibilities. Based on the performance of the employees, we offer substantial growth opportunities by offering them challenging roles and intricate tasks and assignments.

HealthSmith offers cutting-edge innovation for you to explore your area of expertise
HealthSmith believes in research, collaboration and innovation. Therefore, when you select, HealthSmith, you select innovative career destination. If any particular area interests you and you want to excel in it, we offer an opportunity to you to select a relevant position with us.

HealthSmith believes in offering highly competitive and handsome compensation package to the prospective employees.The package is based on skills, expertise, qualification, experience and geographic locations. We form bonus pool at the corporate level based upon the company's and individual performance and achievements. Our employees are partner in growth and they are the organization.

Current openings
HealthSmith's strength lies in its people and the company is looking at strengthening its workforce. We are looking for individuals who are determined to innovate andcurious to think out of the box. If you are really looking forward to a creative, innovative, and career transforming job opportunity, then HealthSmithis the right place for you.
If you are looking forward to a long-term association with HealthSmith, then you can send your updated profiles to hr@ myhealthsmith.com. or submit your CV through simple steps "Apply"

Current Openings

Title Specialization No Of No. Of Vacancies Exp. Required Location Action
Patient Care Officer Graduate 4 3-4 years experience in hospital and healthcare patient relations. Excellent Communication Skills (W Mumbai (2) Solapur (1) Latur Beed Osmanabad (1) Apply Now
Patient Care Officer Graduates 4 3-4 years experience in hospital and healthcare patient relations. Excellent Communication Skills (W Kolkata Apply Now
Chief Patient Care Officer Science Hospital Patient Care / Patient Relation Experience 1 5-10 Years Hyderabad Apply Now
Medical Representatives MR 9 2 Years Mumbai Apply Now

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