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HEALTHSMITH is not a healthcare provider. It is just a healthcare facilitator or guide. HEALTHSMITH provides information about best hospitals and doctors available in India to the patients from outside India or from other parts of India. Based on the patient’s budget, the information pertaining to the hospital, its facilities and treatment is furnished to the patient.
The information at HEALTHSMITH should not be interpreted as complete or accurate because it is subject to change. Furthermore, it should not be considered as a medical advice or recommendation. The purpose of this information is to educate you about the doctors, hospitals and treatment options available; it is not a substitute to a consultation by a doctor.

The scope of service at HEALTHSMITH is restricted to providing best healthcare services to the patients according to their hospitals of choice. HEALTHSMITH is not responsible for any untoward incidences, mishaps, or negative outcome of any medical treatment or act of negligence on the part of the hospital or doctor.
HEALTHSMITH does not take the responsibility of facilitating or arranging a donor. The patient and their relatives have to decide who is willing to donate and who is fit for donation. Furthermore, the documents and reports should be submitted to the screening committee whose approval is necessary for transplantation. We act just as facilitators in such cases.

HEALTHSMITH neither operate or control any hospital nor facilitate any other service provider; it only acts like a facilitator for the patients seeking private healthcare services.
HEALTHSMITH being a medical service provider does not control or manage any treating hospital though it diligently selects all the inclusions of a treatment package. Therefore, HEALTHSMITH is not responsible for any delay, failure, default, inappropriate services, service lacunae, deficiency in services including but not restricted to any accident, incidence, injury, discomfort, loss or damage of any kind, financial loss, sickness or death due to the deficiency or negligence in service on part of the management or employees of the hospital, which is treating the patient. The treating hospital according to its treatment protocols offers treatment, which is inclusive of but not restricted to surgical, medical, beauty, wellness and other such treatments. The hospital therefore shall be responsible for all such treatments, opinions, advices, queries and complications arising out of treatments. Furthermore, any complication, requirement, emergency or any health issue of whatsoever nature coming forth due to patient’s treatment, health condition, present illness or past illness or due to side effects of medicines, infections, hospital acquired infections, lack of adequate treatment, allergic reactions shall be the responsibility of the treating hospital and the doctor andHEALTHSMITHwill not be responsible for the same.

If a patient does not disclose any hidden ailment, disease or any such medical information or the treating hospital and doctor do not ask for such information – it shall deemed to be considered as the responsibility of the hospital and the doctor and negligence on their part. HEALTHSMITH, in any case, shall not be held responsible for the same.
If the treating hospital or the doctor is inefficient in handling a particular case owing to which the complications arising during or post treatment shall be the liability of the doctor and the institution. They shall refer the case to the competent medical authority after taking the consent of the patient’s family members.


The rates given by HEALTHSMITH or by the hospitals are tentative only and it refers to a particular treatment; therefore, the actual cost of treatment may vary and depends on the health status of the patient, number of days spends in the ICU and in the hospital and the type of treatment required.
The treatment costs are the subject matter of concerned hospitals and they may change depending on the scenarios of treatment. HEALTHSMITH role is to facilitate patient for treatment and to make them know the overall plan of the treatment. The price quotation given to the patient might be variable and it depends on the number of days spend in the hospital or anything extra done to the patient in terms of additional treatment or procedures, etc. Therefore, HEALTHSMITH cannot be held responsible for the variations in prices quoted by the hospitals.

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