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Mr. Zubair

My father health started decline he was saviour cough, we were going to physician where use to get medicines. This continued for couple of months nothing was improved. We shared this with HealthSmith Officer. HealthSmith officer spoke to the doctor in Hyderabad who advised certain investigation that we did locally and send the reports to the doctor. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer. At that juncture, Healthsmith relieved my mental burden by supporting me in every step ranging from hospital selection, doctor’s selection, appointments, and second opinions to treatment, travel accommodation. We have been advised on better outcomes and also cost savings by HealthSmith. My father is now undergoing treatment in a tertiary care multi-speciality hospital and HealthSmith was with us even after treatment by arranging oral cancer medicines in much subsidised costs. We are greatly indebted to HealthSmith. I will suggest one should go to HealthSmith before taking decision on treatment as they are associated with top notch hospitals and expert.

Mr. Gause

It has been years we were in problem due to our son’s health. He has been suffering from brain complication. We went to many doctors but could not find solution, nothing was working. After 6-8 years of suffering at last I got a chance to interact with HealthSmith Officials. I shared our problem with them. With immediate effect reports have been floated to different neurosurgeons neurologist and got opinions from them. At last we found solution. We had detail check up and real diagnosis. His treatment started. Know he is improved and doing well day by day. We choose guidance from HealthSmith. My son improved a lot and is improving day by day.  I got huge support from all the team members of HealthSmith who guided me to the right doctor and hospital – and, in fact, to an expert neurosurgeon and Neuro physicians. Thanks to HealthSmith for being with us when we needed it the most & reliving pain of years.

Miss. Neha

I was diagnosed with a very rare type of spindle cell tumour in left thigh. My Family were in turmoil as I am 22 years of age. We were in Thane but we decided to take assistance from HealthSmith. HealthSmith took opinions from Orthopaedic Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Interventional Expert, Radiation oncologist, Medical Oncologist. They took approach of collaborative treatment approach due to which I went in surgery in Hyderabad in very good hospital without any blood loss. Now I am able to walk. Healthsmith supported us right from the moment we identified the disease – and in fact guided us to the right hospital and the right doctor. Expert opinion was taken from across the world not only from India. I am now recovered. I have been discharged from hospital in 3 days and my pain management was so well even dint realised that I have gone through such a big surgery. I got read of spindle cell tumour. The stay planned for me post treatment was with same care as of hospital till my stitch removal. I and my family are thankful to HealthSmith for their assistance.  

Mr. Abbas Shaik

My brother’s diagnosis has been misleading from months and landed in last stage of stomach cancer. We belong to rural part of Maharashtra and need to depend on district doctors and diagnostic centre.  Multiple endoscopy results of my brothers where without any output. I had lot of difficulties in front of me as my family members had no clue what is happening with him he started reduce weight every time he complain about pain. He has been put on TB drugs without any diagnosis of TB. We don’t know what to do– we were wandering in darkness with tons of perplexing questions, such as what to do? Where the condition of my brother would be treated? We got in touch with one of the director of Healthsmith. After the guidance of HealthSmith we have came to know that he has cancer and is on last stage. HealthSmith team was involved with us to treat him has family member. HealthSmith officers were round the clock to assist us. They helped us in identifying best option and evaluating options as per our economic conditions. Now, I can say that we are holding hands of our empathy and being a healing partner and guide. If any health problem we first go to HealthSmith. We thank HealthSmith Team for their support in our bad times.

Sharif Shabbir son of MD Sharif and Rashida Begum

I am writing this letter in regard from our personal experiences with HealthSmith a health care service provider company which has provided my parts excellent nursing care. This company works with all the good hospitals. Where nurses and doctors are professional, competent, thorough and punctual. They have also treated my parents with dignity and respect. The staff of this healthcare company are so dedicated that they provided my parents utmost care. They made my parents fully understand the diagnosis and completely communicated the care needs with my parents and they also provided good hotel facilities. We as a family are very grateful for the wonderful care HealthSmith provided to us. We were able to get sound sleep at night those days with complete confidence because the staff of this company was with my family all time as a guidance. So, thanks once again from the bottom of my heart for those times and for the consistency that was provided to my parents throughout their stay.

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